Frequently asked questions about using growth hormone HGH

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1. After injection of growth hormone, how to treat bleeding at the injection site?

A: When the syringe is pulled out, there is only extracutaneous hemorrhage at the eye of the needle, which means that the capillaries are small when the injection is made; without stress, it will not cause any harm to the body and will not affect the growth hormone effect. Apply hot towel for 5-10min (no need for hot compress in summer), the next injection of growth hormone should avoid the subcutaneous bleeding site; because BD needle tip Pinot and pen are thick and long, so the BD needle injection site bleeding situation More, but more rare. After the injection is too slow, it is easy to bleed, and the needle should be removed quickly.


2. How to deal with the medicine when it is injected into the skin?

A: When injecting growth hormone, because the needle insertion angle is too small, the medicine is injected into the skin to start a small packet, no need to deal with it, so that the skin absorbs the medicine by itself, does not affect the growth hormone effect, and does not cause any harm to the body. The correct needle insertion angle was 45 degrees when injected with GH and injected into the skin. The speed is too fast to bulge the bag.

3. What are the most serious side effects of using growth hormone?

A: Growth hormone is very safe. There are no serious side effects. A few users will have edema and local injection site pain when they first start using it. Generally, they will disappear naturally when they are used continuously. When used under ultra-high dose, it may appear. Acromegaly.


4. Does long-term use of growth hormone cause tumors?

A: A lot of medical research has been done abroad. The medical literature shows that the incidence of tumors after using growth hormone is between 20,000 and 30,000, which is comparable to the incidence of normal people. There is no significant difference, indicating that the use of growth hormone does not cause tumors. .


5. Does long-term use of growth hormone cause diabetes?

A: Growth hormone does not cause diabetes. But growth hormone may cause transient blood sugar rise, and friends with a history of familial diabetes need to be cautious.


6. Does injection of growth hormone affect its own growth hormone secretion function?

A: It will not affect at all. The secretion of growth hormone is related to the hypothalamic-pituitary growth axis. Injection of growth hormone does not function in the hypothalamic-pituitary growth axis.


7. When the growth hormone is injected, the temperature is low, and it will cause pain or numbness after injection (common in autumn/winter).

A: When injecting growth hormone, take it out of the refrigerator 30 minutes in advance, and warm it with your hand; the pain may be caused by the rapid injection speed, and should be injected slowly; if the acute pain is stimulated by the injection to the peripheral nerve of the skin, you can pull the needle for the injection site. Relaxation before injection to avoid injection pain.


8. Does joint pain or muscle pain occur after a period of injection?

A: Strenuous exercise or sudden increase in exercise may occur, should be gradual; or may be due to the physiological role of growth hormone sodium retention is too strong, the pain is less needless to deal with, the symptoms disappear after a few days, the heavier The dose of growth hormone can be reduced or stopped for two days, and it will not appear again until the symptoms disappear.


9. What is hypothyroidism? How to treat hypothyroidism when using growth hormone?

A: Oral levothyroxine sodium can be used to control T3, and thyroid function will return to normal after stopping growth hormone.


10. When using growth hormone, calf and edema appear in the ankle. What should I do if I press a pit?

A: This is the symptom of edema: edema on the back of the hand, instep, and lower extremity; can continue to use growth hormone, usually disappear within 3 to 7 days; can not tolerate, need to reduce the dose of growth hormone or stop the drug, after the symptoms disappear Recover medication.


11. Will growth hormone therapy affect fertility?

A: Because growth hormone is secreted by normal human body, it is necessary for human growth and development; for women in growth period, growth hormone can promote ovulation; for males in growth period, growth hormone can promote sperm maturation; Treatment does not affect fertility.


12. Why, when injecting growth hormone, each injection point should be separated from the previous injection point by two centimeters?

A: Injection of growth hormone can locally degrade subcutaneous fat, especially the fat of the abdomen and intestine omentum is sensitive to catecholamine-mediated lipolysis. (For example, GHD subcutaneous fat increases especially abdominal fat accumulation, and growth hormone can make the abdomen Fat ablation), if the same point is injected continuously for a long time, subcutaneous induration can occur. Growth hormone increases muscle tissue while reducing fat. Because growth hormone can degrade subcutaneous fat, the injection site should always change.


13. Does the growth hormone need to stop when the cold is treated?

A: The general treatment of cold medicine does not affect the growth hormone effect.


14. One day forgetting to inject growth hormone will affect the effect? Do you want to make up the amount of missed hits?

A: Occasionally, forgetting to inject growth hormone for 1 day will not affect it. You don’t need to make up the amount of missed shots; try to avoid the middle break.


15. How long does it take for growth hormone to work?

A: Growth hormone generally needs to be used continuously for more than 3 months.


16. What is the reason for the poor effect of using growth hormone?

Answer: a, the dose of growth hormone is not enough; b, produce antibodies to growth hormone powder;


17, the injection site appears redness, pain, fever, itching, the size of the peanuts to the size of the egg?

Answer: a. The purity of growth hormone is very high, and no allergic reaction will occur. b. The above situation is caused by allergic reactions to alcohol or iodophor. The solution is to replace the non-allergic disinfection method.

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